Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NASL format released: Open Qualifier/Seed System

From reddit:

We know a lot of people have been wondering what the exact format of the North American Star League is. Well, we’re not going to keep you waiting any longer.
Getting to the Grand Finals First off, we invited fifty of the world’s best players. They will be divided into five groups of ten players each. Each player will play every other player in his division once per season in a best of three format for a total of nine weeks. After nine weeks, the top two in each division, determined by their win-loss record will advance directly to the Grand Finals.
The remaining players will be ranked according to their overall match record, and games won minus games lost. The top twenty of these players will qualify for the Playoffs where they will be divided into five brackets of four. The winner of each bracket will qualify for the Grand Finals. The last spot in the Grand Finals will be taken by the winner of the Open Tournament.
The Grand Finals The Grand Finals will be a sixteen man single elimination tournament with matches in the first two rounds being best of three. The Semi Finals will be best of five, with the two losers facing each other for to determine third place in a best of five series. The championship match will be a best of seven series, with the winner taking home the gold. All players attending will be receiving a $500 travel stipend.
Qualifying for Season 2 There are three routes for a player to get into Season 2.
The first way is to already be in the league. The top 34 players from Season 1 will be given seats in Season 2, as determined by win-loss record and games won minus games lost.
We will also be hosting two tournaments that grant entry into Season 2.
The Open Tournament will be open to any player who is not currently in the league – the top 8 players in this tournament will qualify for Season 2 in addition to the winner being granted a spot in the Grand Finals of Season 1.
Lastly, we will host a Season Qualifier tournament from which the top 8 players will be given seats to Season 2. The Season Qualifier is open to any player who has not qualified for Season 2.
Both of these tournaments will be a single elimination tournament capped at 1024 players, in which all matches are best of three. These tournaments will have a small entry fee charged per player.
Community Feedback We at the North American Star League are dedicated to producing the best event possible. We have and will continue to listen to community feedback about the tournament and its structure. Based on feedback, we have decided to remove the five player per team “cap”, as well as become more aggressive about securing Korean participation. We value all the feedback we receive and want to ensure that we will do our best to make this league the best it can be.
NASL Staff

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