Friday, March 4, 2011

Improve Your Game: General Starcraft 2 Tips

If you're looking for ways to improve your game in Starcraft 2, you're in luck. I stumbled upon a list of useful tips to help you do just that. 

For more information head on to Team Liquid for the strategy discussion.
General Starcraft 2 Tips
  • Playing with HP Bars makes micro way easier.
  • Hitting Ctrl+F1 instantly selects all Idle Workers.
  • You can hold down a hotkey instead of pressing it over and over (IE: Hold down F and click everywhere you want multiple fungal growths with multiple Infestors). This stands true for practically everything, across every race.
  • You can add new units to an existing control group by holding Shift and setting them to the group you want.
  • Transferring some harvesters to a new expansion is better for your economy than simply saturating from scratch.
  • MULEs can be spotted dropping by everybody, even in fog of war.
  • 'Alt' shows/hides health bars, depending on whether you have them turned on or off.
  • Spacebar will center you on your base.
  • Backspace will cycle you through multiple bases.
  • Tab will cycle through multiple things on the same control group.
  • Pressing 'C' on a worker with resources in his hand will send him back to deliver the resources automatically.
  • You can target fire with any form of static defense (IE: bunkers, spine crawlers, photon cannons).
  • Holding shift allows you to set multiple way points, making it easier to scout multiple bases automatically.
  • By selecting units and right-clicking on another unit you order them to follow that particular unit. This is helpful for ordering faster units to follow behind slower units.
  • Workers pinned/trapped by enemy units can be rescued by ordering them to a mineral patch. They will phase through their obstacle to get there. This also works for scouting an enemy base walled-off with a unit guarding the path.
  • Massive units (Thors/Colossus/Ultralisk) will break forcefields.
  • You can turn on a Flier Helper option to help accurately target flying units with spells.
  • You can move the camera by holding the middle mouse button, as opposed to dragging your cursor to the edge of the screen and/or using the arrow keys.
  • If you are under attack at your mineral line by lings or zealots early on, and have fewer units to defend, grab all of your probes and select attack, then mine, then attack, then mine, with a few game seconds in between each command. What you are doing is changing their priorities so that unless your opponent has queued attacked every single one of your workers, their attacking units will face your probes, then switch to your units, then to the probes, then to your units, effectively making them only hit your actual attackers about half the time. You can also trap units between the probes because they will ignore pathing to mine, then attack, then ignore pathing, then attack.
  • You can start production on units even when supply blocked. Once you remedy the situation the units will begin production automatically.
  • You can have more than 24 units bound to a control group. It will open up a new page within that control group to display those units.


  1. Heh, Now I will know these things even thou I am trying not to play it and lose my self into it :D

    Just dandy.


  2. I believe spacebar actually centers the screen on the last event (such as building complete, units under attack, etc). But otherwise great list. Toggling attack/mine on workers to toggle their attack priority is a clever tick!