Saturday, February 26, 2011

List of TSL 3 Players


With the conclusion of the final TSL Open, we now have the semi-final list of players for the TSL 3. 

In terms of race distribution, it's fairly equal with 11 Protoss, 11 Terran, 9 Zerg, and 1 Random (go TLO). It is also notable that a tie-breaker will have to take place, as Strelok and SelecT are tied at the 8th spot.



Name Player ID Nationality Team name
Attending from
Jung Min Soo MvP_Genius Korea MVP
Jang Min Chul oGsMC Korea Old Generations
Chris Loranger TLAF-Liquid`Huk Canada Liquid
Tyler Wasieleski TLAF-Liquid`Tyler United States Liquid
First place TSL2
Johan Lucchesi dignitas.NaNiwa Sweden Dignitas
TSL qualifier #2
Abdulaziz Abed coL.CrunCher United States Complexity Gaming
TSL qualifier #3
Oleksiy Krupnyk Duckload.White-Ra Ukraine Duckload Gaming
TSL qualifier #4
Lazar Silviu Prae.NightEnd Romania Praetoriani
TSL qualifier #7
Benoît Strypsteen Mill.Adelscott France Millenium
Points #5
Georgi Marinov ZeeRax Bulgaria None
Points #7
Dennis Schneider mouz.HasuObs Germany Mousesports
TSL qualifier #8


Name Player ID Nationality Team name
Attending from
Lee Yoon Yeol oGsNaDa Korea Old Generations
Lim Yo Hwan SlayerS_BoxeR Korea SlayerS
Jeong Jong Hyeon IMMVP Korea Incredible Miracle
Dai Yi LonerPrime.WE China Prime, World Elite
Jonathan Walsh TLAF-Liquid`Jinro Sweden Liquid
Mihaylo Hayda Empire.Kas Ukraine Empire
TSL qualifier #1
Marcus Eklöf Prae.ThorZaIN Sweden Praetoriani
TSL qualifier #5
Kevin Riley ROOT.qxc United States Root Gaming
TSL qualifier #6
Sascha Lupp ESC.GoOdy Germany ESC Gaming
Points #4
Jian Carlo Morayra Alejo FnaticMSI.Fenix Peru FnaticMSI
Points #6


Name Player ID Nationality Team name
Attending from
Kim Won Gi TSL_FruitDealer Korea Team SCV Life
Lim Jae Duk IMNesTea Korea Incredible Miracle
Greg Fields EG.IdrA United States Evil Geniuses
Hayder Hussein TLAF-Liquid`HayprO Sweden Liquid
Joseph de Kroon TLAF-Liquid`Ret Netherlands Liquid
Christoph Semke MYM.Mondragon Germany Meet Your Makers
Second place TSL2
Yang Chia Cheng FnaticMSI.Sen Taiwan FnaticMSI
Third place TSL2
René Krag ieS-Ciara Denmark ieS Virtual Gaming
Points #2
Stefan Andersson mouz.MorroW Sweden Mousesports
Points #3


Name Player ID Nationality Team name
Attending from
Dario Wünsch TLAF-Liquid`TLO Germany Liquid
Points #1


Name Player ID Race Nationality Team name

Eugin Oparyshev mouz.Strelok Terran Ukraine Mousesports

Ryoo Kyung Hyun Dignitas.SeleCt Terran United States Team Dignitas

For more information about the TSL visit TeamLiquid. Source: original table posted by CDRnotDVD on reddit

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  1. Thanks for keeping me up to date... Can't play the game, but the passion is still there!