Saturday, March 5, 2011

ROOT Gaming's New Recruit: 'Princess'

ROOT Gaming
A potential source of more ESPORTS drama, ROOT Gaming's latest addition to it's lineup is already causing quite a stir; both on the ladder and in the community.

Known as GosI[Terran] in Broodwar, Juan 'Princess' Tena has already reached the top of the North American ladder with only 3 weeks of playing Starcraft 2. Coming from his background in Broodwar? It's not really that surprising, as he was ranked A on ICCup and was a online practice partner for Hite Sparkyz. 

However, the community is currently abuzz over ROOT's newest member's background, as GosI/Princess has quite the reputation as a map hacker and clan jumper. 

As these threads on Team Liquid and reddit reveal, people are already questioning the pickup, with posters voicing their doubts regarding his rise in the ladder in only a matter of weeks, and revelations of Princess' very recent 'stealth' clan jump from ONE to ROOT.

To quote Kyhol from Team Liquid: 
GosiTerran needs to learn respect. I can't wait to play against him in a clan war -_-
Thanks for lying to me muchacho.

By the way, heres the story.

Gositerran came to SC2 and I helped him practice, I got everyone I knew to play him to help him get better. We went over strategies and became better friends, joining team ONE in the process. I went out of my way everyday to make sure I was playing him. I was happy because I believed that he matured and wasn't a clan hopper anymore, and I felt that I was starting to trust him. 

I woke up this morning and he said that he was leaving team ONE because he wasn't getting practice from other members, which I agreed with, the others weren't practicing with him. Most of the other team mates I have are in Exams right now.
He said he was going to leave the team to practice on his own, and neglected to tell me that he was leaving to join team ROOT.

Thanks for making me look like an asshole when I vouched for you.
Overall, reactions are mixed. Some people ecstatic with the pickup,  because like it or not the kid's got skills.  Some people, on the other hand, are already worried for ROOT, being the mannered and top level team that they are.

For now we'll have to wait and see, ROOT seams pleased with their 9th and final pickup in a while, they haven't said anything about the matter as of this writing. They might know something we don't.

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