Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hype Machine: IdrA returning to the US, MLG goes global, and something from Liquid`Tyler

I become super busy IRL for personal reasons, fire up my PC to catch up on some updates on the Starcraft scene and what do I find? It's like the scene waited for that one moment I wasn't paying attention and dropped one glorious announcement after another.

EG.IdrA returning to the United States. Team Evil Geniuses has announced that IdrA's GSL run will be put on indefinite hold while the top foreign Zerg refocuses on dominating the western Starcraft scene. Unlike in Korea where you only have the GSL, I believe that there are definitely more opportunities for IdrA in the west. MLG is season restarting soon, and let's not forget all of the smaller online events. The western scene is gaining momentum and I think it just makes sense that the top Zerg be there as it happens.

MLG to expand to Europe and South America. Speaking of gaining momentum, MLG has joined forces with global sports and entertainment company - IMG Media Group - in an effort to expand its operations outside of North America. This is definitely good news not just for Starcraft but for e-sports in general. MLG EU vs MLG NA vs MLG SA in an MLG Global Championship Series, anyone? 

Liquid`Tyler's big announcement. State of the Game Episode 27, Tyler makes his big announcement. I have no words to describe the awesomeness. If you are unable to listen to the cast, reddit user rkiga has provided as summary here

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