Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A tournament to rival the GSL? FXOpen e-Sports Announcements

FXOpen e-Sports
FXOBoss of FXOpen e-Sports has released some information on what could be the biggest Starcraft 2 tournament to date.

In a recent post on Team Liquid,  FXOBoss has made a list of announcements with regards to the team's next steps, and most notable of which is the mention of a Kuala Lumpur-based tourney whose prize money "will be that of GSL or higher". 

While not much information has been given at this time, it has been noted that sponsorships have been secured, and the tournament is basically a go. As mentioned in the post, they are currently looking at  a October-November schedule for the tournament. 

For additional information, read the rest of the entry on Team Liquid.

Note: I'm from SEA, and this totally went underneath my radar. Please don't revoke my Starcraft 2 fan license.

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