Tuesday, February 22, 2011

North American Star League Confirmed

The North American Star League (or NASL, not to be confused with the North American Soccer League) has been confirmed, and it's shaping up to be the biggest Starcraft 2 tournament outside of Korea and the GSL. 

The revelation was made earlier today (GMT +8 represent), after a BO7 hype / show match between Liquid`Jinro and EG.IdrA, with the former walking with $1500 after a 4 - 2 victory. 
There's still much we don't know about the league at this time, but these are what we have so far:
  • $400,000 prize pool split across 3 seasons (100k, 100k, 200k)
  • Main casters: iNcontroL, Gretorp (with occasional guest casters / commentators)
  • Will feature 50 of the best Starcraft 2 players split across 10 divisions
  • Will not be in Team League format
  • 5 players per team, players will be spread across the divisions to avoid team kills
  • It will be Season 1 will starting on April 5, 2011 and will last 13 weeks
  • Games will be broadcast/streamed on weeknights, with 5 games per night 
  • Regular (free) and premium streams (estimated $20 - $25) are available
  • Premium members will also receive bonus content, but not much has been revealed at this time
 For more information about the NASL, do check out the interview with iNcontroL at G4TV.

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