Saturday, February 19, 2011

TeamLiquid Announces TSL 3 Terran Invites

Yours truly with the ee han timing on this one. TeamLiquid has just announced on it's Twitter the remaining invites for the coming TSL.  

IMMvp. Considered as the strongest player in the world, and the most recent addition to GSLs lineup of champions during Season 4. At his current skill level, I think he is favored to take the whole tournament (sorry, Tyler). 

LonerPrime.WE. I am not very familiar with Loner so I can't speak much of his skills a-la Haypro. He took 2nd place at Blizzcon 2010, and is considered as a top Chinese Starcraft 2 player, still a force to be reckoned with.

TLAF-Liquid`Jinro. After his amazing semi-final runs in the past 2 GSLs,  it's no surprise to see the Gorilla Terran on this list. With the addition of Jinro, now has their entire Korea-side players in the tournament.

oGsNada and SlayerS_BoxeR. I do not have the words to individually describe how amazing that these 2 are in the TSL. In their first match against each other in the GSL, they brought down GOM's streams left and right. I have this feeling we'll get a repeat of that.

With the revelation of the last round of invites, the TSL 3's confirmed participants are (exclusive of those who qualify through the TL Opens): The Blizzcon 2010 Tournament champion. The best Starcraft 2 player from China. The top foreign Zerg (and bad boy). Everyone's favorite boys in blue. 4 GSL champions. 2 Bonjwas. 

TSL 3 makes history right here. 

Source: TeamLiquid 

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