Saturday, February 12, 2011

TeamLiquid Announces TSL 3 Zerg Invites

It's finally here, gents. In addition to it's initial 3 Protoss invites, TeamLiquid has just announced its 5 Korean invites for the coming TSL 3. Joining the ranks of NsP.Genius, TLAF-Liquid`HuK, and oGsMC are:

EG.IdrA. The bad boy of Starcraft 2, Greg 'The Gracken' Fields. Regarded as the top foreigner Zerg, it is no surprise that IdrA is on this list. 

TLAF-Liquid`Haypro. A 'sleeping' member of TeamLiquid. I will admit that this is mostly because I haven't followed him much. He got invited into TSL 3, and I think that definitely says something about his skills.  

TLAF-Liquid`Ret. Of all the members of TeamLiquid I've always had this hope that he's the 'chosen one' to take a GSL (just give him time). I am expecting a great performance from Ret for TSL. MLG champ to double GSL semifinalist a-la Jinro, anyone? 

TSL_FruitDealer. These invites are insane. Another GSL champion joins the fray - the first GSL champion. The player who proved that you can win with Zerg. I am looking forward to lots of Baneling carpet-bombs.

IMNesTea. Yep, the swarm is definitely coming at full force for TSL with this invite. IMNesTea is the GSL Season 2 champion, and is also considered as the best Zerg player in Code S. 

Get hyped, everyone, as there is still another round of invites coming,  5 Terrans (MarineKing, please?). This TSL is definitely STACKED.  


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