Thursday, March 3, 2011

A piece of Starcraft history: Footage of Artosis, Day9 and Tasteless at WCG USA 2005

WCG 2005
Though twitter is abuzz with news from the Intel Extreme Masters tournament, given the limited time I have (ugh IRL), I thought I'd feature this instead. 

This video was posted this morning (GMT+8) on reddit, and contains footage of Artosis, Day9, and Tasteless at WCG back in 2005.

Here we get a rare chance to look into the past, to see some of the icons of the current Starcraft 2 scene during their Broodwar days. 

If you've seen Day9 Daily #100, you should know that a lot of amazing things happened during this WCG; things that would help shape the Starcraft scene into what it is today. 

Mad props to BrianJKim for the video. More information and the actual video after the jump.

From the video:

Back in 2005 Artosis was kind enough to let me document him at the USA World Cyber Games. Things came up and I never got a chance to edit the footage. Years later I returned to the footage and it was really frustrating for me to watch. It had no direction, half of the footage had no sound and the other half was just plain sloppy. Going through the tapes just reminded me of the great opportunity I had to make something special that was ruined by my poor craftsmanship.

I recently rediscovered the footage and thought the community would love to get a look at some of the key leaders of the Starcraft community (Artosis, Day9 and Tasteless) before the scene became as big as it is today. I cobbled the rag tag footage together so it's more of a collage. I hope you enjoy it.

Source: reddit.

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